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Posted: Aug 27, 2018 9:40 PM
1. What is Nerdy’s? What is the basic pitch on the company? What do you do? How does it work? Where are you located? Where do you deliver, etc.
2. Can you explain your mobile baking technology?
3. You say your delivery vans are safe to use around the world, can you explain a bit more about the technology used in them? How many pizzas can they make per hour or per evening?
4. What is the role of data in planning your deliveries? By that I mean, how do you map out efficient routes for cooking and delivery?
5. Are you venture capital funded?
6. What are your expansion plans?

Nerdy’s is a German technology startup founded in Münster in 2016 with the aim of developing and maintaining fully automated delivery vehicles in a non-store retail model. They can bake and/or heat up mainly fast food (like pizza) and other foods (like noodles) in the back of the vehicle while driving.

The company objective is to use self-driving delivery vehicles to automate and digitize the concept of an ordinary fixed-location pizzeria to optimize efficiency and quality in a location-independent model.

Nerdy’s specific focus lies in full automation of all vehicle parts with energy efficient solutions to protect the environment, reduce energy costs and deliver the best possible food quality right to the customer’s front door without losses.

To reach our goal, Nerdy’s is working to create a wide variety of products that are currently in different stages of development. The latest model is called “Qube Two” and offers semi-automatic home delivery of pizza and finger food. It is set to be operational from early 2019 to 2021/2022. For the future, Project Boomerang is developing Qube Three that brings together full automation of all parts, autonomous driving and an automated guided vehicle system.

Our high-tech convection oven that was developed in-house can bake 72 to 288 oven-fresh pizzas per hour (depending on oven options), making it applicable to any market as a stand-alone product. Each pizza takes about five minutes, after which point it is automatically kept warm for the customer. Fully automated GPS routing and ordering in our specially developed app enable prediction and execution of future orders and routes that are accurate to the minute by means of smart routing (NDS: Nerdy’s Data System). The vehicle is capable of fully automated and autonomous identification of routes and wait points. This saves resources and gas and provides a major boost in profitability.

Nerdy’s Pizza vehicles and parts are built according to the latest safety standards and meet required sanitary regulations for all countries worldwide. The design phase takes all of the latest regulations into account. This will enable market entry for Western Europe in 2019 and for the US in mid to late 2019 while also guaranteeing excellent scalability. One key milestone is heating food directly in specially developed packaging and/or a closed pizza box which keeps the food perfectly sanitary since the customer is the first person to open the box.

Unlike other systems, all of Nerdy’s delivery vehicles are delivered from a centralized plant that we built specifically for this purpose. The concept is based on a food manufacturing plant that produces and refrigerates high-quality fresh pizzas, packs them in our special boxes and then uses refrigerated trucks to supply them to all Nerdy’s trucks. A plant according to our specifications can currently supply over 40 vehicles at a time. This completely eliminates the current need for additional stores or other delivery vehicles such as scooters or cars.

In early 2019, two vehicles will be made and introduced to major German cities for testing and data collection. After a successful trial phase, additional vehicles will be produced and announced for the US market. Plans for the US expansion are still in development and a more specific location has not been identified. At this time, Nerdy’s is still looking for investors and venture capitalists. The startup phase will be financed by a German logistics firm whose name we cannot currently divulge due to ongoing negotiations.

Please note that details on Project Boomerang for Qube Three are partly confidential and cannot be made public at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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