Hi, I’m Marius, the founder of Nerdys Pizza. My mission is to change the world of pizza delivery services. You can contact me via Email or Twitter.

My revolution began in 2016 when a lukewarm pizza delivery unleashed a wave of technology and innovation. I set myself to no smaller a task than to deliver the best pizza in the world directly to your door. Our baked goods had to be not only the freshest, hottest, and fastest—but also the highest-quality pizza on wheels!

The Idea
The main ingredients of our recipe for success quickly became clear. A 24-hour dough fermentation, a 895°F oven temperature, a 90-second baking time, top-notch products, and a pure stone-baked taste direct to your door—without long delivery times. I quickly designed our mobile bakeries, our trademark, to combine the best ingredients and the latest technology.

Under the project name ‘Qube’, alluding to the cube shape, the world’s most innovative delivery vehicle was brought to market readiness on paper.
For our home delivery success story, we offer not only the latest technology but also the most efficient solution on the market. Our vehicles save over 50% of energy costs compared to conventional delivery services and feature the most sophisticated cooling system in the world. Compared to ordinary fast-food chains we have halved our running costs. In combination with our high-tech oven system, we are also number one for sustainability.

The Nerdys Pizza delivery system does not involve a shop-based business, which makes it unique in the gastronomy sector anywhere in the world. Traceable by GPS, automated, controlled by robot, predictable, self-sufficient, and autonomous, our Food Trucks 5.0 will deliver pizza to fans worldwide in the future.